4 Ways Massage Spices Up Your Valentine’s Day!

There are lots of reasons to get massages on any given day, but so many more on Valentine’s Day Massage! In fact, it’s our busiest day of the year! Why?

Everyone knows massage is a great way to relax, work out a few kinks and de-stress.

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But here are a few special reasons why it can make you and your partner’s Valentine’s Day even more memorable, whether it’s at the start, middle, or end of your day!

  1. Elevates mood by releasing seratonin naturally. (“Ahhh”)
  2. Smoothes and softens skin. (“Mmm”)
  3. Improves circulation & blood flow throughout the body. (“Wow!”)
  4. Increases flexibility and range of motion. (“That’s a new one!”)

Need I go on? I think you get the idea!

So whether it’s a couple’s massage, a gift for your loved one, or a way to treat yourself, massage and Valentine’s Day is a winning combo!

If you’d like to book one or two of our therapists, don’t delay – our therapists will book up fast! Call us anytime up to 10 PM and we’ll make it simple!

One final thought for the single and dateless (trust me it takes one to know one); don’t sit around depressed and alone on V-day – you can enjoy a massage for yourself too! Our friendly therapists aren’t romantically inclined towards clients, but they can sure help you to feel great!

In Health,
Daniel Melmed, L.M.T.
Owner, Body Well