At Home Massage Therapy for Brain Injury Patients

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Brain injuries can be the result of a range of different incidents. You could suffer a brain injury during a collision on the road. Alternatively, a loved one might have suffered a brain injury after a nasty slip or fall.

Brain injuries can leave people in severe discomfort and stress. As such, it’s important to provide treatment options for these individuals and massage therapy can  be the answer.

Many people who suffer from brain injuries experience a variety of symptoms. The disruption of signals between the brain and the rest of the body and cause muscle stiffness, pain and contractures.

At Body Well Therapy, we know that massage therapy in the comfort of their home can provide fantastic benefits for a loved one who has suffered from a brain injury.

The Impact Of Massage Therapy

Individuals who have suffered a brain injury are often unable to exercise and can remain inactive for long periods. This can cause issues with metabolic waste products that needs to be removed from the body. Massage therapy can help, ensuring that the flow of blood and lymph fluid is improved.

Using massage therapy, it’s possible to improve and potentially partially restore the proper joint function. This can include everything from the spine to the extremities.

Brain injuries can also cause chronic tension in certain areas of the body. To improve this, oxygen flow needs to be improved in these areas. This provides healthy nutrients to the body and awakens sensory receptors, and ensures that the muscles become more active.  

Other Impacts

As well as providing more oxygen flow through the body and to key areas, massage therapy can even reduce pain through the central nervous system.

Based on ‘gate theory’ many experts believe that during a brain injury parts of the brain that understand or translate pain are impacted.

The gateways remain open causing more pain than there should be. This issue can be rectified with expert massage therapy. The pathways close, cutting off pain messages, ensuring that the pain is far less intense.

People who suffer from a brain injury often experience painful muscle spasms. This can be recurring and unfortunately common throughout even a short time period.

This is typically caused by scar tissue that hasn’t healed fully and instead becomes stretched or broken. A deep muscle massage can help here, particularly if a loved one has inactive muscles due to this type of injury.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Those With Brain Injuries

Massage therapy can provide tremendous benefits to those suffering from brain injuries. Using massage therapy, we can help increase circulation through the body.

This in turn will encourage the healing of both soft tissue and muscle. As already mentioned, pain can be greatly reduced. This is particularly important if a patient is also suffering from injury to the spine, headaches or severe muscle tension.

Massage therapy can also trigger higher levels of rehabilitation and have psychological benefits as well. Many people who suffer from brain injuries struggle with everything from chronic stress to extreme depression.

We believe that a regular or even daily massage treatment in the comfort of the home can reduce the impact of these conditions. Massage therapy can help those with a brain injury and improve both their physical and mental health.

Why Use Body Well Therapy?

If you or a loved one are suffering from a brain injury, you could benefit from our service. Expertly trained and highly professional, our aim is to relieve the suffering, pain and psychological trauma of any patient.

We provide various forms of massage therapy to help improve and in some cases alleviate symptoms, providing those suffering from a brain injury the best quality of life.

You might be wondering why you should book massage treatment in your home for this type of injury. As well as being practical and easy, we think home massages can provide tremendous benefits. Many individuals suffering from brain injuries can be confused and unsure of new surroundings.

By getting a massage in their home, it’s easy to keep things calm and peaceful for them, creating a serene environment. We want to make sure that our massage treatment provides more than just physical benefits. By providing this service to you in your home, we know this is possible.

Are you interested in learning more? Get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss how massage therapy can help you, improving your well-being and your quality of life. Or, how we can relieve the pain and suffering of a loved one with our expert treatment.


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