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Best Chair Massage Fort Lauderdale FL

Body Well has been providing chair massage in Fort Lauderdale for many years.

We have countless Broward County based corporate chair massage clients who have invited us into their offices year after year (or sometimes month after month or even week to week!) to promote employee wellness, improve staff morale and productivity, and to just say thank you to hard-working office staff who deserve a nice break sometimes!

We have visited businesses ranging from some of the largest law firms in the world, to multi office physician centers, to call centers, schools, startup tech companies, and the list goes on.

Many first-time Fort Lauderdale chair massage clients ask us how it works. What do they need to do to set up, how many people per hour will we see, what about breaks for the therapists?

What we’ve seen over the years is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making corporate chair massage in Fort Lauderdale work best for one company or another.

A lot of it depends on the way the office is set up, whether or not an individual can be designated as a coordinator on the day of the service, and how many employees need to be seen in a single day.

For example, some companies will schedule chair massages on the quarter hour, and the staff will choose a time slot for themselves and be responsible for showing up at that time.

In other cases there might be some more loosely organized schedule and someone from the office staff will be responsible for making sure that people are flowing through so that the chair massage therapists are not sitting idle wasting valuable time they could be spending making someone’s day better!

When it comes to breaks, that can also be determined ahead of time. Performing Fort Lauderdale chair massage is hard work!

Our therapists do not to take a break from time to time. This ensures that each and every person on the massage chair is getting the focus and energy they deserve and expect.

In some cases, there are not per set breaks as long as it will be possible for therapists to step out and take one from time to time (once every few hours or so for longer jobs). If it’s just a 2 or 3 hour job, one small break if any would be sufficient.

We are always available here at the office to discuss  chair massage Fort Lauderdale services with you, so if you’re interested or have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss the details of your office’s needs and come up with a winning scenario.

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