When only the best mobile massage will do!

Not all mobile Massage Therapists are Body Well material. Some will never be, some just need some more experience and training.

Among other qualifiers, therapists must pass an evaluation with our owner, or in some cases with one of our massage recruiting specialists. Here is some feedback provided to a recently licensed massage therapist who did not achieve a passing grade with one of our specialists:

“A few of the non-bodywork related concerns she mentioned include being late (apparently as a result of not having the proper equipment ready to go), an overly casual demeanor prior to the massage and during the intake (sitting on the table and on top of the linens barefoot), and some draping and table mechanics problems, including exposing her breast (an error you noted but did not actually apologize for) which could be a big problem for some clients.

On the bodywork side, she felt there was too much time spent over the drape, and while you have “good hands” many of the strokes, especially on the traditional relaxing/swedish side (admittedly by your account not your specialty) were not really effective at eliciting relaxation or tension release. Even when this style is not preferred by a therapist, it’s important to be able to effectively accommodate clients seeking a basic relaxing massage. “

We go to the trouble to find the best mobile massage therapists, so our clients can avoid these issues, and enjoy the high quality service we work so hard every day to provide!

Dan Melmed, Owner & Founder
Body Well