BODY WELL Office Licensed as Massage Establishment

Managed Massage Services Provider Gains Ability to Service Clients In-Office

POMPANO BEACH, FL (May 25, 2006) — BODY WELL, LLC, a provider of managed massage therapy services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, announced today that it has received a license from the Florida Department of Health to perform massage therapy at its office in Pompano Beach. The massage establishment license number is MM 18338.

While BODY WELL will continue to primarily provide services in outside facilities such as offices and private residences, the company now has the flexibility to perform massage at its office for select clients.

“Having the office licensed as a massage establishment gives BODY WELL even more depth as a provider of comprehensive therapeutic massage services, particularly in Broward County,” said Dan Melmed, Owner of BODY WELL. “It will be much more practical and cost effective for working with certain medical and insurance-related cases, and will also allow me as a therapist to personally perform bodywork more often than would otherwise be possible.”

In-office services will be scheduled by appointment only. Fees, starting at $65 per hour for a basic massage treatment, will vary depending on the specific therapy provided and duration of the session.

BODY WELL welcomes anyone seeking professional massage therapy in a home, office, hotel or other private location. BODY WELL also works with residential community associations, health care providers and other private facilities seeking a managed massage therapy solution. Further information about BODY WELL can be found on the company’s web site: BODY WELL can be reached at (954) 784-2076. For appointments: (954) 496-2503 or (561) 306-0240.