Chair Massage San Francisco Bay Area

Chair Massage San Francisco Bay Area – Here We Come!

When I first started Body Well back in 2005, my goal was to expand our mobile massage services to multiple regions around the country within a five-year time frame.

California was at the top of the list. The “Great Recession” threw us quite a curve ball and navigating through the economic downturn postponed those plans.

Now, going on 10 years and providing mobile massage (including chair massage) services better than we ever have, the time has come to once and for all to bring our event and corporate chair massage services to the San Francisco Bay Area.

This includes San Francisco proper, the Peninsula (including Mountain View and Palo Alto on the south end), the East Bay from Oakland to Milpitas, and the high-tech corporate epicenter known as Silicon Valley, including such notable cities as Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and of course San Jose.

We’ve decided that, at least initially, we will limit our service offerings exclusively to corporate chair massage in the Bay Area, and will consider featuring our full range of mobile massage services (including in home massage and in room hotel massage) which we offer in our other territories, at a later time.

Body Well was built from the beginning to provide the highest levels of customer service and massage therapist management known to the massage industry, and this skill set is particularly suited to our corporate chair massage clients.

Why Chair Massage SF Bay Area?

There are a number of reasons we’re bringing chair massage to the SF Bay Area. First, the Bay Area (and really California in general) has always been known to be more progressive than the rest of the country.

Appreciating massage therapy as a great way to promote health & wellness and workplace productivity is generally a more progressive concept, and one that has been widely embraced in the San Francisco Bay area as much as anywhere else in the country.

To my knowledge Google even has its own on-site massage suite and on staff massage therapists!

This demand for chair massage services in the Bay Area has certainly created a competitive environment, but the market will always make room for a company that is at the top of its game and knows how to treat its customers, not to mention how to treat its own contracted chair massage therapists.

Our reasons for choosing the San Francisco Bay area as our next market for chair massage services are also very personal.

I myself lived and worked happily for many years in the San Francisco Bay area including in Alameda, Saratoga on the edge of San Jose in the South Bay, and for the majority of the time in San Francisco itself, split between Noe Valley, the Outer Richmond and several years in lower Nob Hill downtown.

My first job in San Francisco was as a minimum wage promotions assistant for 94.9 KSAN on Battery Street near the Financial District. Within a few months I was promoted to Morning Show Producer.

It was an interesting job and I did it for about a year, but getting up at 3 AM every day wasn’t ideal for a young man who wanted a real life away from work too!

I later moved for a time to Silicon Valley, where I got a taste for high-tech corporate culture working as a “temp” in various capacities for a number of startup tech companies from Sunnyvale to Mountain View.

Longing to get back to the City, I ultimately started working with a fast growing broadband data service provider as a marketing and public relations specialist. There were only the four founders and a salesperson when we first connected, and I officially became the company’s Marketing Director shortly thereafter.

I used to enjoy a brisk walk to work through Union Square and across Market Street on my way to the converted garment factory in South of Market near 2nd and Brannan that became an office to more than 150 employees over the course of a few short years.

We were two blocks from the new Giants ball park (Pac-Bell Park as it was known at the time) and watched the construction being completed with great anticipation.

I attended each of the three games of the inaugural series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and witnessed Barry Bonds hit the first ever “Splash Landing” into McCovey Cove. Life was good in the Bay Area!

It was only due to the so-called dot-com meltdown, timed very unfortunately with a funding deal that the government decided at the last minute it did not like (denying the company much needed bridge funding) that things took a quick nose-dive and I found myself laid off as the company wound down.

Like so many other high-tech and dot-com workers during the aftermath of the great dot-com bubble bursting in San Francisco and throughout the greater Bay Area, I was compelled to seek opportunity elsewhere, reluctantly departing the Bay Area for greener pastures.

It was shortly afterwards that I decided to combine my long-time interest in the business of massage, with the experience I had gained working at the center of a vibrant growing company, that I began on my path towards founding Body Well.

Coming “Home”

It was always my expectation to return to Northern California at some point, and now many years after leaving my heart in SF (apologies for the cliché) I’m excited about bringing the mobile massage company that I’ve poured so much effort into over these past 10 years to my old home of the Bay Area.

In between recruiting top San Francisco chair massage talent, and promoting our corporate massage services in the SF Bay Area, I’ll be enjoying visits with close friends, hunting down the best burritos in the Mission District, people watching in Golden Gate Park and a Giants or Niners game (or two), for sure!

At the time of this writing, we are working on finding the best therapists able to provide chair massage San Francisco Bay area has to offer, to join our team.

Once we are confident that our “shelves are stocked” and we’re ready to accommodate our customer’s requests (as we have been for years in our established service areas), we will start putting out the word that we are ready to provide chair massage San Jose, East Bay, SF and anywhere in the Bay Area where companies are taking good care of their employees!

Stay tuned for additional major U.S. markets to follow soon!

Lastly, if you happen to be a qualified chair massage therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area (including San Jose, Oakland, etc.) yourself and you’re interested in working with us, you can click to submit an easy chair massage job application.

Thanks for reading!

Dan Melmed, LMT
Owner & Founder, Body Well