Chair Massage Tip Sheet for Corporate Office Clients

Oct 6, 2015 | Chair Massage, Founders Blog

This information has been taken from a document that we provide to our chair massage clients with the goal of ensuring the following:

  • That your event goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.
  • To make it more likely that everyone will get their chance on the chair.
  • So that you to make the most of the chair massage time you are paying for!

Scheduling of Participants/Staff

Every location is set up differently and certain ways of “scheduling” seated massage participants will work for some clients better than others.

There are three common ways that clients will approach scheduling. Please review them to consider what will work best for you!

Exact Timing Scheduling

This is where you set up a schedule in advance, and each participant is given a precise time slot for their chair massage. (Many people will post or circulate a sign up sheet ahead of time).

This option can work well, especially if the staff is disciplined and punctual, but in many cases may require some flexibility here or there to stay on track.

This is counterintuitive because one would assume that this option would keep things more organized, but things can also go off track very easily and it’s good to be prepared for that. What can happen?

  • Participants often miss their slot (either because they forget or something unexpected comes up causing a conflict). This can result in an entire time slot being wasted/lost which we do not want to happen. We want you to make the most of the time you’re paying for!
  • Over the course of several hours with 4+ mini-appointments per hour per therapist scheduled, it can occasionally be difficult for therapists to stay exactly on schedule, sometimes for reasons they cannot control (someone takes a long time getting out of the massage chair, therapist needs an extra unscheduled restroom break, etc.). In some cases, participants can either lose their scheduled slot (in which case you would need to find another opening or add extra time at the end, assuming they are available) or the therapist may need to abbreviate someone’s chair massage time in order to try to get back on schedule.
  • If a therapist for any reason arrives even 10 minutes late (not common but it can happen in case of bad traffic or some other unpredictable event), the chair massage schedule may need to be reworked which can become complicated and cause stress.

Free Flowing

You will designate someone (or yourself) as the massage coordinator.

This person can monitor progress and keep people moving through in a more loosely organized, free flowing He or she just needs to make sure that people are aware of the hours therapists will be on site, and will notify chair massage participants (in person, by phone, etc.) when they are “on deck” so they can have their turn as soon as the therapist is finished with the prior person and ready to go again.

This might work better for a small to medium size group of participants (less than 40). For larger groups, you may consider having an additional coordinator.

Time “Windows”

This method works similarly to the one above, but you can set up general “windows” of time for groups of participants, so they are provided a general idea of when they should expect to be ready in advance.

They can then be notified when an available time slot is coming up and make their way to the designated chair massage area.

Therapist Breaks & Pacing

Many people do not recognize that while participants are relaxing and de-stressing, our chair massage therapists are performing strenuous physical labor and exerting a lot of energy!

This is especially true for shifts lasting more than 2-3 hours. We wouldn’t send anyone not up to the task at hand, but even the sturdiest need a little break here and there. By pacing things properly, our therapists can maintain their good energy and ensure the last massage of the day is as good as the first!

Therapists also need at least a minute or two in between participants to take a breath, have a sip of water, wipe down the chair as needed, and reset for the next person. It is best in general if you allow the therapist to signal they are ready for the next participant so they can invite the person onto the chair.

Otherwise, enthusiastic participants may rush in and inadvertently deny the therapist this important time.

  • For shifts lasting 2 hours or less, a break should not be necessary (other than a possible quick restroom break if needed).
  • For shifts lasting more than 2 hours but less than 6, we suggest allotting a 10-minute break every two hours. This short break will allow a therapist the time to use the restroom and take a well-deserved “breather”.
  • For shifts 6 hours or longer, you should definitely consult with your Body Well appointment coordinator. We may suggest a 30-minute lunch break in addition to the other short breaks. This extended break would not be billed or counted against your chair massage time.


With the exception of public events, our therapists do not expect or commonly receive tips directly from participants.

To reward our therapists for their hard work (and considering that it is customary for this type of service) we add a modest 10% base gratuity to the final bill.

You are free (but in no way obligated) to offer more, and if for any reason you are unsatisfied, we can refund the included gratuity in additional to anything else we might discuss in such rare cases.

Please call us any time with questions or concerns and enjoy your chair massages! Thank you!

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