Skin Care

Your skin is technically the largest organ of your body, so it only makes sense to take good care of it. Taking proper care of your skin can help prevent all kinds of problems.

Most people now know that it is important to protect skin from the suns’ damaging UV rays which can cause skin cancer, as well as signs of premature aging, including discoloration and wrinkles. Similarly, exposure to environmental toxins and common bacteria can also take its toll on skin health. Most people focus primarily on facial skin care, since this is the most visible, and, due to sun exposure, usually the most affected part of our body.

So what are the basics steps we can take every day to take care of our skin, particularly on our face?

Body Well recently teamed up with a leader in skin care for the past four decades as well as the number one selling skincare brand in the U.S. for the past 12 years, Mary Kay, to learn more about skincare.

What we learned is that there are 5 key steps to skincare maintenance and prevention, no matter what products you use:


Now before you start to think that a complete skin care program is like working a 2nd job, consider that, depending on the products you use, you may be able to combine 2 or 3 of the steps into one. For example, Mary Kay has a 3 in 1 “cleanser” that covers all of the first three steps just by washing your face (once in the morning, once at bed time), and a moisturizer with sun block that covers steps 4 and 5.

An occasional “Facial” performed by a licensed esthetician is also a good part of a skin maintenance program, that can complement a daily at-home routine.

The bottom line: whether you’re 20 or 60, male or female, it’s easy to keep your skin healthy, and to prevent the visible effects of aging and the environment.