How Can Massage Prevent Cold?

Did you know that massage therapy can help prevent seasonal colds?

Actually massage can help to prevent many kinds of illnesses, including the common cold.

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How can massage prevent cold?

Massage therapy is a natural immune system booster. In addition to promoting healthy blood circulation, a good Swedish massage also stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for keeping your body healthy by filtering out toxins, germs and other impurities that can cause illnesses. Have you ever noticed swollen or tender lymph nodes when you get sick?

This is because the lymph nodes act like the filters for your immune system, collecting impurities before eliminating them from your body. So when you are sick, these nodes have to work overtime and they can become enlarged and sensitive to the touch.

Studies have shown that massage prevent cold and getting a massage is kind of like getting an oil change for your whole lymph system, and just like your car, your body will run better and longer thanks to some routine maintenance.