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Happy 11th Birthday to Body Well!

Jun 20, 2016 | Founders Blog, In the News

Today marks not only the 2016 summer solstice but also Body Well’s 11th anniversary!

When I started Body Well in 2005, no one had heard of a place called Massage Envy, no one knew what an “App” was (not even Facebook!) and most people assumed a mobile massage company in Florida must be a cover for an escort service!

I was determined to bring mobile massage into the mainstream, and to provide the service at a higher level of professionalism than could be easily found in those days.

Little did I know back then that within a few years of starting the company, the country would suffer the worst recession of our lifetimes, which would wipe out countless small businesses, including many offering massage therapy. Body Well was very nearly one of them!

Yet despite the challenges that have affected the company, changes in the industry, and technological shifts that have had a major impact in the mobile massage world as a whole, Body Well is better and stronger than ever!

We now provide mobile massage services in Florida, as well as certain services in a growing list of other states as well, with no plans to let up any time soon!

We may not have the best technology (yet) or millions of investor’s dollars padding our bank account like some of our “App” friends, and we still have work to do so we can continue to improve how we work with both our customers and therapists.

But what we definitely do have that has allowed us to persevere over all these years and through the ups and downs, is a dedicated team of quality therapists and hard-working office staff members who all care about what we do every day, with every client. For this, I am ever grateful.

Here’s hoping for many more productive and profitable years, and thank you for being a part of the journey!

Yours Truly,
Dan Melmed,
Owner & Founder

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