In Home Massage & Covid-19 Safety

Aug 5, 2020 | Founders Blog, In the News

To Our Valued Clients:

We are living through difficult times, and it has been especially hard for the massage profession during the coronavirus pandemic and those who’s health benefits from regular massage.

It is not hard to understand why, considering the close physical distance and touching involved in massage therapy.

In fact, the main reason you have not heard from Body Well until now, is because we have been watching and learning, week by week and month by month, more about Covid-19, how it is spread, and how to prevent infections

At this time, we seem to have a pretty good grasp of how to prevent infections. Avoiding crowds and using face coverings are the primary prevention methods, along with good hygiene.

Many of us have become at least somewhat accustomed to wearing masks for extended periods of time (something medical and many other professionals have been doing for more than 100 years in some form or fashion), and this goes for our professional massage therapists as well.

Can I get massage safely at home?

While no one can make 100% guarantees when it comes to an airborne virus like Covid-19, there are ways to give and receive massage more safely without everyone wearing a hazmat suit! (This applies in areas where it is currently allowed).

For starters, and we may be biased here, how about avoiding crowds at the massage shop or spa and getting one at home! You immediately reduce the risk by many factors when dealing with a person one-on-one at home rather than mingling with the general public.

At home, you can also control the environment. Ensure that the ventilation of the room is adequate, put out a hand towel for your therapist alone to use when washing hands, and of course use proper face coverings (especially when facing up on the table but preferably at all times).

If you are elderly or have serious underlying health conditions, you may want to wait for a vaccine before interacting this closely with anyone. That said, use of an N-95 respirator (mask) during the entire encounter with your therapist can reduce your risk of infection to a very low point.

Unlike normal surgical masks, when properly fitted, these masks can also filter out tiny viral particles in the air. This is what front line health care workers depend on as their primary personal protective equipment (PPE).

In conclusion, right now massage is not for everyone, whether at home, at the spa or anywhere else. And in some places it may not be allowed at all. Yet in most places, armed with what we now know about prevention, massage can be enjoyed again with a lowered risk.

Our therapists will do their part if you’re ready to do yours. We look forward to the day soon when once again, massage can be for everyone, any time. Please email or call us with any questions!

Stay safe and be well,

Dan Melmed, Owner & Founder
Body Well Therapy

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