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How far in advance do I need to reserve my therapist(s)?

Body Well can often accommodate bookings on the same day, however, more notice is preferred, especially when more than one therapist is required for your job.

For jobs requiring three or more therapists, please allow several days to a week if possible.

How many therapists should I reserve?

We typically massage on an average of 4-5 people per hour, per therapist.

This allows for a solid 10 minutes of hands-on time per person, and a few minutes in between for the therapist to “take a breath” and prepare the chair for the next person. If you have more than 15 people or a limited amount of time we can schedule two or more chair massage therapists to work simultaneously.

We can also do as little as 5 minutes per person if you have a large number of people and/or want to control the total cost.

What do I need to do to prepare?

You’ll need to choose an area and designate a clear space at least 5’ x 5’ per therapist where people can take turns on the massage chair.

You can schedule time slots in advance, or, depending on the kind of event, people can randomly take turns. When scheduling in advance, we recommend doing 15 minute blocks for each 10 minute massage to ensure that we are able to stay on schedule.

Our therapist will bring everything that is required to perform chair massage for the number of people you have estimated for us.

You may provide your own ambience such as music and candles if you like, or you may request that we provide this for you. (An additional fee may be incurred based on the extent of your request).

Do the therapists need breaks?

This depends on the total amount of time each therapist is working, and how busy they are. Assuming the therapist is working non-stop (one person after another), most can go a few hours without a significant break away from the chair.

After two hours or so, assuming there is at least another hour or more to go, a 10 or 15 minute break should be allowed. If the therapist has down time between clients, an extended break is generally not necessary.

Who are the therapists you work with?

Our therapists are all licensed by the State of Florida and possess personal liability insurance.

They undergo a rigorous screening process, which includes both an oral and practical interview, in order for us to evaluate their character and skill level.

They will show up to your event wearing a black Body Well t-shirt and Khaki pants unless you have specified otherwise.

What about tipping?

Gratuities are always at your discretion. However, it is more strongly suggested for smaller jobs with fewer hours and therapists.

For larger corporate and event jobs with many hours and multiple therapists, the quoted fee is all that is really required.

Can we do this on a regular schedule, such as weekly or monthly?

Certainly. If you wish to use our services on a regular basis, we may be able to discount your fees. Another great thing about working with Body Well is that you can always try another therapist!

Some people find one massage therapist they love, and stick with them forever. Others like to try different therapists from time to time. With Body Well, you have all the options; we are here to be of service to you.


  • “Everyone loved it! Thanks so much! Your staff was so professional and great at what they do. See you next year!!!”

    -Andrea, CA
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  • “Just had an amazing massage with Vanesa. I’m very picky, so I’m so pleased to have found your company.”

    -Dr. Michael K., FL
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  • “I have been using the Body Well massage therapist for the past two years now and I always get great feedback from my staff. They are the best.”

    -Meisha N., DC Metro
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  • “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience!”

    -Ondrea, CA
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  • “I can recommend Body Well Therapy Mobile Massage chair massage without reservation. I look forward to contracting with them again.”

    -Luli C., FL
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  • “Our corporate event was a success. The employees really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

    -Laura F., DC Metro
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  • “Extraordinary. Don’t miss this. Deep tissue massage at home. One of my top ten massages ever. I’ll do this regularly.”

    -Jim N., FL
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  • “You made 20 people very happy yesterday! We had 2 very professional therapists in for +/- 4 hours who did an amazing job! All smiles :)”

    -Anka S., FL
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