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At Home Massage Therapy for Terminal Cancer Patients

If someone you love is suffering from terminal cancer, you might want to consider getting them booked in for an in-home massage.There are a number of benefits that your loved one can experience when they have one of these massages, and it can even increase their overall feeling of wellness.

What You Should Know About Massage Therapy for Terminal Cancer Patients

People with terminal cancer often do not have long left to enjoy their life, but using an in-home massage can increase the quality of life for cancer patients, meaning the time they do have left can be spent making memories with their loved ones.

You might find it a little difficult at first to get a person with terminal cancer to stick to a routine for massages due to their treatment needs and so on.

But, that is why we offer in-home massages that are completely flexible to fit around your schedule. Being in your own home is often the most comfortable option, and we want the entire experience to be as relaxing as possible.

Why a Massage with Terminal Cancer?

While it isn’t curable, it is possible to be responsive to treatment which can slow down the symptoms that a person might be experiencing. Most treatment for this condition focuses on making the person as comfortable as possible during their final times.

Why Get An In-Home Massage?

There are a wide variety of benefits to having an in-home massage for terminal cancer patients.

One of these is that research has shown it can reduce some of the symptoms that they may be experiencing such as nausea, pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many others.

Giving them this treatment could allow them to feel much better than they have in a while, and bring them new levels of happiness. When they are feeling better, your loved one may be able to engage more, and participate in activities that they thought they could no longer do.

Another benefit is that massages have been linked with other improvements in their day to day lives. Some of these include sleep, mental clarity, the range of movements that they can complete and so on.

Essentially, they could be looking at a whole new lease of life that they thought they had lost to this illness. This new mental state can make the time they have left with their family a lot more enjoyable for them.

What Should You Expect?

You should choose your massage therapist before this can go any further. If there is a specific person that you would like, contact them and they will come and provide this service for you.

There needs to be room for a 6ft massage bench to go in the room of your choice, so try to ensure that this space has been made prior to the appointment. Once your therapist arrives, you will be asked to lay on the bed where they will proceed to find the areas that need the most attention.

The massage will typically last for around an hour, unless some other length of time has been specified by the client. You can book these sessions weekly to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits.

What Are Our Prices?

Our massages vary in price depending on the type that you opt for, and where in the country you are located. You can usually expect the rate to be between $80-$130 for a one-hour session, again depending on whether you choose a Swedish or a deep tissue massage.

However, there are special offers that you can take full advantage of by looking on our website or contacting us to see what we have available.

Why Use BodyWell Massage?

Here at BodyWell, we know how important it is to feel comfortable. That is why all of our staff are highly trained to give excellent massages to all of our clients.

We do not discriminate against anybody with any condition, so you know that our service is inclusive of everyone. It might be the case that we require notice from your doctor in some cases to make sure that it is safe to proceed, but this is not always necessary.

Our goal is to make sure our clients with terminal cancer feel as good as possible. We want to help everyone feel the best they can possibly be, and massages are a great way to achieve this goal.

Our client is our priority, and our services are tailored around the specific needs of the individual. We do not believe in a one shoe fits all approach, meaning that you can be sure you are getting the treatment that you need from us, based on the massage therapists assessment.

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