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At Home Massage Therapy for Wheelchair Bound Patients

At Body Well Therapy, we provide the treatment solutions you need and we are delighted to say that massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for people in wheelchairs.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Wheelchair Users

If you suddenly find yourself confined to a wheelchair, it can be a complete shock to the system. You will no longer be as active as you used to. You’ll no longer be able to do everything that you ever wanted.

Some people in wheelchairs even have to deal with severe levels of chronic pain that disrupts their life. Many patients also have to deal with the fact that there is no hope they will ever walk again. This can be a devastating realization.

Whether your time in a wheelchair is temporary or permanent it’s important to find the treatment you need. Or, you may be interested in arranging treatment for a loved one who is in a wheelchair.

Massage therapy can have tremendous physical benefits for people in a wheelchair. Individuals who are in a wheelchair often have muscles that are both tightened and weak because they have not been used.

In contrast other muscles are used more and these become painful or begin to ache. It can be upsetting when using a wheelchair causes you to develop pain in the limbs that you can still use due to them being overworked.

Numerous studies have shown massage therapy helps with this type of chronic pain. This form of therapy causes the release of endorphins.

This can been see as the painkiller for the body and well hope lower levels of pain felt. This also ensures that someone in a wheelchair experiences lower levels of stress, providing an example of how massage therapy can offer mental benefits too.

Other physical issues include poor circulation and this can trigger other painful issues such as pressure sores. However, our expert therapeutic massages can help alleviate this issue and ensure that blood flow is improved throughout the body.

This will ensure that sores do not develop due to the fact that toxins can be removed. Improved blood flow can provide other benefits too such as more rapid healing of different areas of the body.

Furthermore, massage therapy can be beneficial in improving mobility. The joints in the body will have a greater range of motion after a professional massage treatment.

As well as this, if joints are inactive, a proper professional massage from our staff can help ensure that the joints continue to be supple. This once again tends to reduce levels of pain felt through the body.

Of course, the discomfort of a wheelchair isn’t just physical. Mental conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety and helplessness are all common. However, a professional massage treatment can help here too.

Studies have shown that massages can help patients feel less stressed and generally happier. It may be the key to understanding your condition and coming to terms with this change in your life. If you are not use to being in a wheelchair, it can be devastating.

Our treatment can help relieve many of the negative issues including pain and even severe levels of depression.

Why Use Our Service?

You might be wondering why you should choose our massage therapy solution for people in wheelchairs. We have years of experience and work hard to keep up with the latest advances in techniques. Our staff are well trained and are passionate about providing the best level of care to any patient in a wheelchair in need. We can offer comfort and compassion when delivering the best professional massage service available.

As well as offering the best, professional service, we work around your schedule and your needs. We know that if you are confined in a wheelchair it can be difficult and stressful to get a service or solution outside your home.

That’s why we always aim to come to you and deliver our service directly to your home or the home of a loved one. We’ll work around your schedule and make it as easy as possible to gain that solution or treatment you require.

Are you interested in learning more about the massage therapy we offer for people in wheelchairs?

Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with all the information and details you need to know. We promise that we will work hard to deliver the results you need and ensure that you are provided the absolute best level of care and treatment.

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