Mobile Massage Miami

Having a massage may seem like a decadent treat, and it is, but massage also has many benefits beyond the table.  Massage benefits are more than skin deep. 

With more and more people burning the candle at both ends, stress levels are going up and up as leisure time goes down. Time for a mobile massage Miami!

Mobile Massage

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Stress and Unrelieved Muscle Tension

Stress is a national epidemic it seems. Working longer hours, trying to cram everything else in your life into little bites of time, while sacrificing sleep and exercise is a disaster in the making.

The longer you persist in going down this road as fast as you can, the worse it gets. Stress and the “fight or flight” reaction can cause the muscles to remain in the alert state of tensed for action.

Another reaction to stress that contributes to the situation is allowing exercise to go by the wayside. As a result, the likelihood of muscle strain from tension becomes more and more likely. Your muscles are designed for a tense and relax action.

One muscle or group of muscles tenses while others release, when walking for example. Your muscles can easily go on tensing and relaxing this way without harm indefinitely.

However, if your muscles, due to stress, remain flexed or tensed with no corresponding relaxation it can lead to muscle spasms and pain.

Unrelieved muscle tension leads to muscles that are weak and, when muscles in this condition are called upon to perform some type of action that it is no longer able to perform, it results in painful cramps in the large muscles. Massage can be instrumental in relaxing tight muscles and alleviating pain.

Beyond Relaxation

Massage therapy is becoming more mainstream and more widely available outside of luxury spas and health clubs.

Many corporations have instituted massage therapy sessions to relieve employee stress level, which in turn increases production and decreases sick leave, so it’s a win-win situation.

Massage consists of manipulating muscles and tendons by rubbing with the hands and fingers. Some massage therapies also include use of the elbows and feet. Swedish massage is very gentle with kneading, use of long strokes, and circular motions.

Deep massage is made to reach deeper inside the muscles and connective tissues for greater relief in the larger muscles. This type of massage is very good for relaxing chronically tight muscles.

Massage as a medical treatment is generally considered as alternative medicine. Studies show that massage therapy can be a vital part of a treatment plan for many conditions including but not limited to anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, nerve pain, and sports injuries.

Massage therapy also soothes through gentle touch. Touch is a basic human need. Studies have even shown that in babies, the absence of physical touch with cause failure to thrive.


I bet you did not know that a desk job can be dangerous. In fact, too much sitting can cause what is known as “postural stress,” causing pain and tightness in the shoulders and neck.

Much of this postural stress also manifests as pain in the legs and lower back. Massage can help alleviate sore muscles by increasing circulation which relieves pain.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, massage therapy can greatly impact how you feel. One study reveals much more relaxation and happiness after a massage in patients suffering from depression or anxiety.

Massage therapy improves sleep, even in those going through chemo or radiation for cancer treatment.  It also has an effect on babies. Parents can easily massage a cranky baby right to sleep.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that patients undergoing massage therapy enjoyed a boost in white blood cells, which help to prevent disease.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, try a massage to ease the pain. Studies show that a single session of massage therapy resulted in less headache pain.

Massage can even be a beauty aid. Since massage increase circulation, including in the face, a short session in the bathroom mirror gives your skin a healthy glow and helps plump skin up to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Mobile Massage Miami

Of course if you are already booked up for the next year you might not think you have room in your schedule to squeeze in a massage.  Have you considered mobile massage Miami?

Body Well brings the massage to you, almost anywhere you are.  We are open seven days a week and have evening hours available. A chair massage takes only 15 minutes and we bring our own chair.

Envision this: the kids are bathed and in bed, the kitchen is clean, and the house is quiet. Can you imagine getting a relaxing massage in the comfort of your living room?

Right before you head off to a warm bath and then into bed falling asleep almost instantly. Sounds good, right?

Maybe you are in town on business and your days feature meetings and more meetings, wouldn’t it be great to have a full body massage before you drop off to sleep?

Many people don’t sleep well away from home, but you can beat the odds after a head to toe relaxation session. Body Well Therapy features licensed and fully qualified massage therapists that have been thoroughly screened and hand selected. We stand behind out therapists.

If you are feeling the pinch of too much time in a chair staring at a computer screen, how about hopping right into a massage chair for a 15 minute pick-me-up that will have you relaxed and energized for the rest of the work day?

Body Well provides massage therapy in Miami and the surrounding counties so you are never out of the reach of our healing hands.

We strive at all times to strike a balance between compensating our professional therapist to retain the best of the best while making a massage affordable for our customers.

Our fees give you access to customer service from 9am to 10pm every day, professional therapists at the top of their field, therapists skilled in a variety of modalities, and a management staff on call all business hours to answer any questions or concerns.

We want to ensure that every mobile massage miami session is the best session, that you are pleased with the service you receive and that we meet and exceed every need.