Mobile Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy are many and widely touted, but maybe you have never tried massage therapy before. What is standing in your way?

There are four main objections massage therapists encounter above all others regarding the reasons not to get a massage.

1) Expense

Many people consider massage a luxury and some will consider a massage an unnecessary indulgence and money that could be used for other things that they do need. While it is true that massage can be expensive, there are ways to make it more budget-friendly.

* Ask if there are specials or discounts. Some that you may find are discounts for senior citizens, group discounts, or, in the case of an independent massage therapist, you might get offered a discount just because you asked! Often times, independent therapists with offer a discount for off peak hours or days. A reduced rate client is better than no client.

* Massage Schools. Most massage schools, like beauty schools, offer steep discounts to draw clients for the senior students who are on their way out into the world. They get practical experience, and you get a great massage, and a newly minted therapist that is raring to go. Every massage student is supervised by a pro. You may score up to 50 percent off compared to a spa or private therapist.

* If an hour, full body massage is too rich for your blood, book a 30 minute massage instead and focus on areas that need the most work, like shoulders.

* Chair massage. This is a massage using a specially designed chair that supports your face and body while the therapist works on your shoulders, neck, head and arms. These run around a $1 per minute and will last from 10 to 15 minutes.

2) Modesty

If you judge your potential massage by what you see on TV and in the movies, you can relax.

* A massage therapist is a professional whose job it is to focus on the area of the body, meaning the muscles, that needs attention. Also, a massage therapist is sort of the same as your doctor. He or she is not judging you, he or she is focused on what needs to be done regarding what you, the patient, needs. You will be covered completely by a sheet and nothing is exposed except the part of the body being worked on.

* Although it is easier to massage without clothes getting in the way, most professionals allow you to wear undergarments or a bathing suit for comfort.

3) Unnecessary

You may consider a massage something you don’t need, like food or clothes, but your well-being is at stake.

* Think of the luxuries you already indulge in such as Starbucks or lunch out. Massage ministers to your health and relaxation. It can help with many health problems.

* It is a proven fact that massage can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, aid the digestive tract to work more effectively, increase circulation, and it even burns calories!

* Massage can help you loosen up and work on pain; it helps you sleep better. It has a wonderful calming effect and relieves tension and headaches.

* No time to go to a massage therapist? We get it, your day is very busy, yet it is important to take care of you. That is where a mobile massage therapist comes in.

Massage is much more beneficial than you might think.  Visit the website to learn more and learn how we work.

Bringing Relaxation to You

Body Well Mobile Massage Professionals will come to you right where you are. There are many types of massage options. The popular chair massage is a 10 to 15 minute picker-upper.

Many companies do this as a reward or health boost for their employees. We bring our specially designed massage chairs and therapists to you. In an hour’s time we can work on 4-5 people per hour. If need be, we can schedule more than one session to get it all done. See more on our web page.

We also offer services to your event or party. Schedule one for your bridesmaids, good friends or relatives.  Everyone loves a massage and no one will forget your event.

We not only offer chair massages, but also full-body table massages if you want.  A spa party is a great way to spend some time with your girlfriends and pampering is just plain fun. Learn how to stage a great event.

Body Well also offers in-home services to bring the spa to you. In-home massage is great and it allows you to keep the relaxation going after your therapist is long gone.

We offer in-home services seven days a week. Choose between a chair or table massage. We bring all needed supplies; all you have to do is relax.

In the case of injury rehabilitation or disability, we can work with your insurance if possible. Some services may be covered under worker’s comp or, in the case of an auto accident, the auto insurance company.

Another service we offer is hotel services. We can work around any scheduled business meetings since we work seven days a week, and also offer evening services.

Our services may be less expensive than even on-site services and while some companies offer a 50 minute session, you will receive from us a full 60 minute session. You can arrange for service beforehand, but if you find yourself unable to do so, we are able to fit you in even on short notice.

Get to Know Us

Body Well has been proudly offering mobile massage therapy since 2005. All of our therapists are licensed and professional. We’re constantly on the look-out for the best, brightest, most dedicated professionals around.

Our customers deserve the best and we strive to offer that every single day. Our staff is right-sized for your needs – not too large for the personal touch, not too small to service every massage need.

In business word of mouth can make or break you. We do our best work every appointment so our clients are happy to come back to us and to refer us.

Every therapist is hand-picked and thoroughly investigated so we know what you are getting before you get it.

Most of all, we love what we do, and we can’t wait to meet you!