Nationwide At Home Massage for Disabled and Special Needs Patients

Company Offers Greater Access to Managed At Home Massage Therapy for the Homebound, Infirm and Disabled, Offers a Convenient One-Stop Source for Legal Guardians, Hospice and other Caretakers Seeking Licensed Massage Therapy for Patients and Wards.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) UPDATED (9-17-19)

Body Well Therapy today announced that is is making its at home licensed massage therapy services available nationwide to disabled and special needs individuals. The company works with legal guardians, relatives, hospice organizations and other caretakers to coordinate licensed massage at home for those who stand to benefit from, or have been prescribed the therapy by a physician.

The beneficial effects of massage therapy are now widely recognized by the greater healthcare community, and different forms of the therapy are routinely offered in various outpatient facilities. However, to date there have been few choices for professionally at home managed care when individuals are unable, due to their disability, to leave home to receive therapeutic massage.

“Providing at home massage services to this unique and diverse population of disabled patients is highly gratifying, because it gives us a chance to perform hands-on therapy that can significantly improve quality of life,” noted Daniel Melmed, LMT, Owner and Founder of Body Well Therapy. “After man years of working with patients such as these, we also recognize that when it comes to massage therapists, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. Our clients not only require effective therapy, but also want to feel comfortable with the therapist who is working on the individual under their care – individuals who often can literally not speak for themselves. Securing the right massage therapist for each unique patient is a priority for us and just one of the important added values we bring to the table.”

In geographic locations where the company does not have an existing contracted Licensed Massage Therapist, it will employ other means to quickly secure qualified candidates for each individual patient. The process normally takes one week or less, and clients may always request an alternative provider for subsequent home visits.

At this time, most insurance including Medicare will not directly reimburse the company for these services. Therefore the services are primarily paid for directly by the caretaker or responsible party. Body Well furnishes invoices and medical records as needed, and provides discounted rates for regular long-term patients.

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About Body Well

Founded in South Florida in 2005, Body Well has become a premier on-site massage agency serving multiple metropolitan regions on the East Coast, plus injury and disability patients nationwide. The company services individuals with in home massage, in-room hotel massage, and clinical massage therapy for automobile and worker’s compensation injury claims, plus business clients with corporate chair massage services and event and promotional massage services. To discuss massage for disabled or special needs individuals the company can be reached seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at (888)