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Nationwide Mobile Massage Company Accepts Bitcoin and Alt Cryptocurrency

Jan 2, 2018 | Press Releases

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (Jan 2, 2018) — Body Well Therapy, a national provider of on-site mobile massage services including in-home massage and corporate office chair massage, announced that it started accepting payments via cryptocurrencies beginning Jan 1, 2018. Payments from several popular “crypto coins” including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and others can be easily exchanged for services by sharing a unique receiving code with the paying party. The company expects to see some of its cash-paying residential clients to be the first to take advantage of trading cryptocurrency for massage services, with a modest number of corporate clients to follow over the next few years.

  • Body Well Mobile Massage to Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Alternative Cryptocurrency Coins in Exchange for Services
  • Becomes First Nationwide Mobile Massage Company to Accept Bitcoin & Alt Cryptocurrency
  • Instant Cryptocurrency Payments by Individuals or Corporations for On-Site Massage Services Accepted by the Growing Company as of Jan 1, 2018

“By accepting cryptocurrency we not only provide a convenient new way for our customers to pay for services, but we should save on credit card processing fees as well” noted Dan Melmed, Owner & Founder of Body Well. “Cryptocurrency is not a fad. It’s a new paradigm and that takes some time to sink in with the mainstream. Many people have not grasped yet that some of the coins other than Bitcoin offer real value in the way they facilitate transactions using novel technologies. Lately we have seen those growing in popularity and market value while Bitcoin has dropped. The tricky part as a business owner accepting cryptocoins is deciding which, if any, to hold on to for an extended period of time. Fortunately Bitcoin can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or back into U.S. Dollars quickly, so even though we accept Bitcoin, or any given alt coin, that doesn’t mean that we will be holding that particular currency for very long after having received it as a payment. Everyone knows how volatile these coins can be, so the risk must be considered and managed responsibly.”

In addition to expanding its on-site massage therapy services into new U.S. markets in 2018, Body Well will be rolling out a new online service booking platform by midyear, which will include on-demand massage booking among other features. The company foresees an increase in the proportion of payments accepted via cryptocurrency once the new platform is live.

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