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Open Letter to FSMTA President Regarding Governor’s Race

Sep 14, 2014 | Founders Blog, In the News

Dear President Carr,

As you know, great harm was done to massage therapists last year with the passage of “PIP Reform”.

I was very vocal during the lead up to the vote, having a letter published in the Miami Herald and disseminating information to my network of clients and therapists.

Some other efforts were made on the part of the FSMTA including, in my opinion, some very weak lobbying from the former FSMTA lobbyists ( I watched all of the sessions online and saw it for myself).

Any other efforts were too little too late, and some efforts that should have been made such as public awareness (public relations) and information campaigns and outreach never happened at all, and we failed in the end.

With the Governor’s race now in full throttle, it is time to be proactive!!! We know what Rick Scott’s position is. But what about Charlie Crist? Where does he stand on the issue? Does he want the votes of our membership?

I bet he does! It’s time to let him know we vote, and we want to know where he stands on this issue. We need to encourage all the members and all of our networks of friends, family, and customers to get behind the effort to force Crist to take a position on this issue.

This is what effective lobbying is – you force a politician to take a position by threatening to take votes away from him/her. This is what I want my association doing with its time and my money.

We can’t afford to keep making the same mistakes.

I encourage you to make this your highest priority between now and the election, and I am willing to do whatever I can to help. I have already written emails to the Crist campaign and started trying to mobilize my network including some FSMTA chapters.

Thank you.

Dan Melmed, LMT
Owner, Body Well

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