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Mobile Massage Therapist St Petersburg FL

Heather has been a practicing massage therapist and body worker for over 17 years. Her background as a semi-professional dancer brought Heather to the art of massage therapy, and her lifelong interest and participation in complementary and alternative medicine helped to cultivate the individualistic approach she takes in performing applicable treatments and services. Heather’s background includes approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure, Zen shiatsu, Japanese facial massage, Reiki, and energetic postural analysis. Among other modalities Heather performs are Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Connective Tissue massage; Neuromuscular therapy (NMT), trigger point therapy, visceral massage, peripheral nerve facilitation (PNF), reflexology, somatic stretching, Sports massage, Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy, hot stone massage, chair massage, pregnancy massage, and polarity. To soothe or pamper, Heather also creates customized spa treatments such as sugar scrubs or salt glows, dry brushing, hydrating body wraps and detoxifying foot soaks. Mud wraps may be available.
She also can perform Reiki, somatic stretching and PNF, sinus relief facial massage, sports therapy treatments, therapeutic foot soaks, dry brushing and customized spa treatments.