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Lacy is a mobile massage therapist in Alexandria Virginia. She believes people should be able to move and participate in the activities they enjoy with as little pain as possible. Through massage therapy she helps people restore movement to their bodies and understand how to help themselves as much as possible.

She got started in massage therapy in 2008 when she decided to learn how to massage horses! After a lifetime of competing and riding horses, she saw the need to help them move better and with less pain. While working on and riding horses in the southwest, she saw the muscular issues people had transfer to the horses they rode and heard the complaints of pain after a day’s riding, so she went to school to learn how to help people. While attending an Eastern medicine based massage program, she learned more about holistic ways to help heal the body, how muscular dysfunction could be cleared out, and healed her own physical issues from five years in the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Her background working on horses, huge athletes that can’t communicate, has given her work a very thorough, sports based foundation that has transferred to her work on people. Lacy incorporates aspects of Eastern medicine such as gua-sha, acupressure, tui-na, and meridian therapy with deep tissue, stretching, and myoskeletal alignment. As a Reiki level 3, she also adds an energetic aspect into her work. Each session is tailored to the desired outcome and needs of the person and evolves to get the best results possible each time.

Lacy graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing massage therapy blending Western and Eastern modalities since 2012. She is nationally certified and licensed in the state of Virignia.


Deep Tissue/Sports

Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy