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Hailing from Venezuela, Lenny is a talented and caring Massage Therapist from Sunny Isles, FL. She specialized in deep tissue, sports, prenatal and chair massage. She has a wealth of spa experience and pays careful attention to detail to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for her clients.
Here are some questions and answers with Lenny:

What is your favorite thing about being a massage therapist?
I find the best things of being a massage therapist are:
The possibility to help others through our healing touch, flexible schedule and an active work lifestyle.

Besides your massage table, what is your favorite piece of equipment you use regularly?
My favorite equipment is definitely the massage chair. It is also my favorite modality.

If you had to do something besides massage, what would it be?
I recently obtained a master’s degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, currently pursuing  the doctoral program and only need one more board test to get the license in Florida. I am fascinated with that medicine and how well it is complemented by therapeutic massage.