Ordering a “Surprise” In Home Massage? Think Twice. (video blog)

Many people want to order an at home massage as a nice surprise for a loved one. Body Well Owner and Founder Dan Melmed talks about a few things to consider before making a surprise gift massage purchase in this informal video blog.

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Here is the rough text from the video blog:

“Dan Melmed here from body well, I want to do a quick little video blog today talking about the subject of purchasing a massage for someone in home massage as a surprise.

So customers frequently call and they think it’s a nice idea they want to surprise a loved one or family member with a massage.

So we have the therapist showing up to the home and then that person comes home or is just surprised and then they get a massage and hopefully enjoy the massage – so we just like to caution our customers want to comes to surprise massages that it doesn’t always go as planned and it could end up being not a good surprise like “surprise I don’t like massages no thank you” or “ I had a really tough day and I need to go to bed” that kind of thing can happen in a surprising situation so is just something to be aware of.

We do have gift certificates that can be redeemed by that person at a time they wish and scheduled in advance so it’s probably more advisable to just buy can certificate but I understand that most of the time it goes okay it’s just that sometimes it might not go okay so if you’re not sure you know we always ask if that person doesn’t want the massage maybe you can get it or is it somebody else because we can’t just have a therapist go home without having done their work and not getting paid so you know we want somebody to at least get the massage!

So anyway just something to think about when it comes to those surprise massages. So that’s all for today see you next time.”