At Home Massage Therapy for Disabled and Special Needs

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Massage at home for disabled and special needs individuals

While many people enjoy our in-home massage services as a convenient luxury, we also have many clients who utilize our services out of necessity in order to achieve a better quality of life, either for themselves or for a loved one.

These include individuals who are disabled, have special needs, and those who are homebound, bedbound, infirm or in hospice care. This service is available nationwide.

Our Experience and Expertise with Various Conditions

Since 2005 we have worked with numerous clients, or “patients” as we may refer to them depending on the condition, with all types of disabilities or other health challenges that make it difficult for them to leave the home.

We’ve worked with those who suffer all kinds of ailments and disabilities including but not limited to:

As long as there is nothing specifically contraindicated for therapeutic massage, we do not discriminate against anyone with any condition. In fact we welcome these individuals to become among our most valued clients.

Depending on the condition, we may require a doctor’s authorization before commencing therapy along with a standard consent form for those who are not able to manage their own affairs.

Our Schedule and Quality of Care

In most cases like these, we look to establish a regular schedule of weekly sessions with one stable Massage Therapist. The on-site care that we provide can greatly improve the quality of life for those who may be otherwise unable to receive professional massage due to physical or other limitations.

Selecting your Massage Therapist

As our service is available nationwide, for obvious practical reasons we cannot maintain a network of massage therapists covering every corner of the United States. Therefore we often will seek out and contract an individual massage therapist specifically to see a given patient.

Think of it as a massage therapist headhunting. This actually provides us with some advantages as far as making sure the selected massage therapist has all of the necessary and desirable qualifications, and is also someone who is genuinely interested in performing this type of specialized massage therapy.

We recognize that in special-needs situations like these we have to be particularly thoughtful about the licensed massage therapist we select for these assignments.

(Not all massage therapists are interested in or cut out for special-needs situations, but most find this type of work to be particularly rewarding and those are the ones we’re looking for).

We are more than happy to keep an open dialogue and keep our clients (or those representing them) involved in this process so we can work together to find the right fit.

We are also more than willing, when necessary, to go back to the drawing board and find someone new should our first therapist, or second or third for that matter, not be the ideal fit.

We want to establish a good long-term relationship that works for all parties as long as needed, and it is our goal to find the right candidate as quickly as possible so we can establish a routine.

Our Billing and Payment Options

In general we are very flexible in the different ways that we can make this work given each unique set of circumstances. This relates to both the therapy and therapists that may be involved, as well as the billing for our at home massage therapy services.

Unfortunately at this time, except in cases of a work or automobile injury, we are not able to accept any other insurance (including Medicare) for our services.

We will however do whatever we can to make it easy for you to submit paperwork to any insurance company or other benefits administrator in case you are able to be reimbursed directly for our services. Most of our clients in these cases pay on a “cash” basis.

We can work with you to negotiate a fair rate for regular, long-term situations. We are also very flexible when it comes to billing and invoicing.

Whatever format you require, we can most likely accommodate that. Many clients have us keep a credit card on file, while others send checks after receiving our invoices.

Questions? Ready to get started?

Please contact us today so we can discuss your needs and get the process started.

Depending on the location we can often have a massage therapist ready to visit the residence in less than one week, or even sooner in those regions where we have an existing extensive roster. Call today (888) 929-WELL (9355).


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