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Looking for a massage at home in Fairfax?

You’ve come to the right place! When you want the best therapeutic in home or hotel outcall massage in Fairfax County VA, Body Well can’t be beat! Our mission is to provide the best quality, most professional massage therapy services possible.

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We’ve been doing it since 2005 and we only get finer with age!

We have some of the area’s best Fairfax Licensed Massage Therapists on our roster. Whether you’re looking for a massage at home in Fairfax County, in your hotel room, or even for chair massage at the office, we have the right therapists ready to roll to you!

It’s simple to schedule your massage. Just give us a call or send us a message using our online contact form and let us know what you have in mind. The more notice you can provide, the better – but we’ll do our best even for short notice requests (at least an hour or two please).

Please take a look around our site, and then give us a call any time with questions, or to book your mobile Fairfax County VA massage therapist!

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We are often asked “What do I need to do?”. The answer is simple: nothing!

Actually if you could just determine a suitable area for our therapist to set up your in home massage, that would help. Our therapist brings everything you’ll need – massage table, linens, oils, etc. We try to make it simple for you to enjoy our service! If you have any questions – feel free to ask!

We are fighting for the rights of Fairfax Massage Therapists!

Read our letter to the Mayor of the City of Fairfax and the Fairfax City Council:

June 17, 2014

Dear Mayor and Council,

Over the past 20 years, the practice of Massage Therapy has grown and evolved immensely.  It’s time for Fairfax City (and County) laws to evolve as well.

As the City of Alexandria realized late last year, and Arlington County before that, Massage is already regulated by the State of Virginia’s Nursing Board. Local regulations, including requirements of Massage Therapists to report to the Police Department are not only unnecessary, but they are discriminatory and prejudicial. Isn’t it time for Fairfax to follow the example of your forward-thinking neighbors?

Massage therapists practicing in the City of Fairfax must obtain and pay for a City permit, they must obtain and pay for a County permit, they must obtain and pay for their State certification. They must report to the Police Department. Is all of this really necessary (or fair?). What is the justification, now in 2014, for this prejudicial treatment of State licensed healthcare professionals in your fine City? Why not have nurses, physician’s assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists and other licensed healthcare professionals go through the same process and scrutiny? How about plumbers and maids too while we’re at it?

Is it perhaps because Massage Therapists are, and have been for many years, singled out among these other professionals, and by definition (in Fairfax’s official view), automatically suspected of criminal activity despite already being sanctioned and certified by the State of Virginia to practice professionally? Do Massage Therapists in 2014 pose such a risk to public safety that law enforcement in Fairfax is not, on its own, trusted to enforce existing criminal laws effectively without these additional City regulations and tax burdens on honest, hard working citizens?

Should the answers be yes, that does not speak well to the City and its treatment of those living and working there.

While I am certain you have many seemingly larger and more pressing matters to attend to, I urge you to take up this cause in the name of fairness and righteousness. Times have changed. Massage Therapy is not, if it ever was “funny business”. It’s real business and real healthcare. As Alexandria’s Mayor and Council agreed unanimously, your police department can make better use of it’s resources, and your residents and those seeking to do business in your City (myself included) deserve better. The time to repeal your massage regulations is now.

Thank you.

Daniel Melmed, LMT


  • “Everyone loved it! Thanks so much! Your staff was so professional and great at what they do. See you next year!!!”

    -Andrea, CA
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  • “Just had an amazing massage with Vanesa. I’m very picky, so I’m so pleased to have found your company.”

    -Dr. Michael K., FL
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  • “I have been using the Body Well massage therapist for the past two years now and I always get great feedback from my staff. They are the best.”

    -Meisha N., DC Metro
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  • “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience!”

    -Ondrea, CA
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  • “I can recommend Body Well Therapy Mobile Massage chair massage without reservation. I look forward to contracting with them again.”

    -Luli C., FL
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  • “Our corporate event was a success. The employees really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

    -Laura F., DC Metro
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  • “Extraordinary. Don’t miss this. Deep tissue massage at home. One of my top ten massages ever. I’ll do this regularly.”

    -Jim N., FL
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  • “You made 20 people very happy yesterday! We had 2 very professional therapists in for +/- 4 hours who did an amazing job! All smiles :)”

    -Anka S., FL
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