BODY WELL Launches Temporary and Permanent Massage Therapist Staffing Service

Company Devises New Program Aimed to Assist Health Care Providers Seeking to Outsource Massage Therapy Services

POMPANO BEACH, FL (May 1, 2006) — BODY WELL, LLC, a provider of managed massage therapy services, announced today the creation of a new staffing service geared towards helping health care providers more easily provide massage therapy services to their patients. Rather than hiring or contracting directly with various massage therapists, health care providers such as Orthopedists and Chiropractors now have the option of accessing an entire pool of pre-qualified therapists from a single source.

“I can tell you from my own experience how challenging and time consuming it can be to find massage therapists who are not only competent in therapeutic techniques, but also reliable and manageable,” commented Dan Melmed, who is the owner of BODY WELL as well as a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist. “Massage therapy can be an important component of rehabilitative health care and physical medicine, but trying to retain and manage qualified L.M.T.s can be a full time job in and of itself. BODY WELL shoulders this burden and makes having a massage therapist show up, on-time, at a reasonable rate as simple as one phone call.

BODY WELL has devised a comprehensive fee schedule that offers a variety of hourly rate plans corresponding to the level of work required of the contracted therapist. Therapists performing complete one-hour massage therapy sessions are billed at a different rate than those who, for example, perform spot massage while also performing lighter technical duties such as applying hot or cold packs, electro-stimulation or laundering linens. BODY WELL will work with each client to find a suitable therapist for each job and tailor a program to their unique needs.

Permanent placement is also available for those providers seeking to employ therapists directly.

BODY WELL welcomes anyone seeking professional massage therapy in a home, office, hotel or other private location. BODY WELL also works with residential community associations, fitness centers, health care providers and other private facilities seeking a managed massage therapy solution. Further information about BODY WELL can be found on the company’s web site: BODY WELL can be reached at (954) 784-2076. For appointments: (954) 496-2503 or (561) 306-0240.