Let’s talk acupuncture! You’ve probably heard at least a little bit about it – the Chinese practice of sticking needles into various specific spots on the body corresponding to energy meridians and organ systems to cure various ailments.

I won’t attempt to explain it much further than this because the system of Chinese Medicine, upon which it is based, is quite complicated and I would be writing and researching for days!

Yet while most people have heard of acupuncture, relatively few (especially compared to massage therapy) have tried it.

For many years I have suffered from periodic low back pain and sciatica. During a recent painful and debilitating flare up, I got in touch with one of the massage therapists on our roster, who is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

I had used both massage therapy and chiropractic to help with my condition, and both did help to some degree. I wanted to see how acupuncture might complement the other modalities.

Gary came to my office and spent about an hour with me, “needling” specific points that he chose based on my symptoms, from behind my knees all the way up to my neck and shoulder area.

There was little discomfort in the actual penetration of the needle into the skin, however I definitely felt some tenderness at certain points.

Based on my condition, he decided to also apply some electrical stimulation to a few of the needles on key points, using portable equipment he had brought with him. He adjusted the level of intensity so that it was within my tolerance level.

After about 20 minutes Gary removed the needles and did some manual massage therapy and stretching to complement the acupuncture.

A few minutes later when I stood up, I was astonished. My lower back felt better than it had for weeks. Later that night, I felt even better. Gary made me a true believer.

I’ve had a few treatments since then, and each time I feel noticeably better immediately after, and for at least a week or two following the treatment.

For anyone suffering from stubborn, chronic pain (not to mention a whole variety of other medical conditions from arthritis to migraine headaches or even digestive disorders), I would highly recommend considering acupuncture.

Just be aware that, as with most of the healing arts, choosing the right practitioner could make all the difference between getting your money’s worth and feeling better or being frustrated by lack of results and throwing money down the drain.

If you are interested in seeing Gary, he is available throughout most of central Palm Beach and Broward counties and you can call us here at Body Well to schedule your appointment, 7 days a week. A one hour acupuncture or acupuncture/massage combo (in-home or office) is currently priced at $110.