Revitalize Your Workplace with On-Site Chair Massages for Happy and Productive Employees!

Boost morale, reduce stress, and show your team you care with our convenient and rejuvenating corporate chair massage services.

5 Benefits of On-Site Chair Massage

Reduced stress and anxiety

On-site chair massages can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, as it allows individuals to take a few minutes to relax and unwind.

Increased productivity

Regular massages can improve focus and concentration, which can lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

Improved physical health

On-site chair massages can help reduce muscle tension, relieve headaches, and alleviate neck and shoulder pain, which are common issues for people who sit at a desk for extended periods.

Enhanced morale

Providing on-site chair massages can boost employee morale, as it shows that the company is invested in their well-being.


On-site chair massages are typically shorter and less expensive than full-body massages, making them a cost-effective option for employers who want to promote employee wellness.

Massage Benefits

Muscle Relaxation

Massage is one of the best ways to work out those tired, aching muscles, and the external physical pressure on the muscles can take away the tension felt every day.

Improving Flexibility

During a massage, the muscles are stretched with pressure. Keeping the muscles warm and stretchy can improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Stimulating Lymph Flow

It’s not one of the best-known reasons for a massage, but it’s one that counts. Stimulating the lymph flow through the body can improve your immune system, making you feel stronger for longer.

Better Sleep

Massage relaxes the muscles and gives your body a chance to let go of tension. With less tension comes better sleep in the night, giving you a chance to snooze away your troubles and sleep more deeply.

About us

Massage Therapy Specialists Since 2005

We’ve been providing reliable, professional corporate chair massage service since 2005 to companies large and small. We won’t let you down!

Service Areas

Our corporate chair massage services are available in most of Florida, the DC Metro region and the SF Bay Area. We’ve been providing reliable, professional corporate chair massage service since 2005 to companies large and small. We won’t let you down!

How Corporate Chair Massage Works

We typically massage in-office an average of 4-5 people per hour, per therapist. If you have more than 15-20 employees or a limited amount of time we can schedule two or more office chair massage therapists to work simultaneously.

All you’ll need to do is designate a clear area at least 5’ x 5’ where people can take turns on the seated massage chair. You are welcome to get as creative as you like to create a spa-like atmosphere (candles, etc.) and if you would like us to bring some soothing music just ask!

Check out what clients say

“WOW, can’t recommend this company enough! We have a very successful company that is growing rapidly and they were able to accommodate about 60 employees on REALLY short notice. Dan worked with us and was ‘cool as a cucumber’ to make sure our needs were met. They have competitive pricing and their staff is really professional and friendly. We actually are working on setting up monthly massage sessions with them because they are that good!”

– Alison, Modernizing Medicine, Boca Raton

“Thank you for scheduling the services for the chair massages at all of our branch locations. Our staff was very complimentary of the services provided by your team. They were on-time and the schedule worked well. Your staff was very professional and they had a great expertise. I look forward to working with you next year to provide the services.”

– Vivian B., HR Manager, Miami

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience”

– Ondrea, Menlo Park