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Roger is based in Northern Virginia. He is a nationally certified, Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Sports Massage Therapist. He is a graduate of Applied Kinesthetic Studies (AKS) Massage School in Herndon, Virginia in 2005. There, he learned that massage therapy was his true calling, stepping out of the field of Information Technology. Whether you are in need of basic massage to induce relaxation, suffering from office related injury patterns or maybe your body needs to unwind with a deep tissue massage from the daily stress that your body is under Roger can help. Professional athletes have also counted upon him to deliver a good sports massage to hasten their recovery time, allowing for optimal physical performance. Certification in Sports Massage has given Roger training and experience in PNF Stretching, soft tissue therapy, range of motion testing and Trigger Point Therapy. Roger’s touch is best described as heavy handed and firm, while soothing to the muscles. He is most likely to be available on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday.