Couples Massage Northern VA

For a professional couples massage at home, give Body Well a call! We’ll send one or two Virginia Certified Massage Therapists to visit your home, set up professional massage tables, and provide high quality in home massage. For two therapists at the same time, please book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. We server couples massage to all parts of Northern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Reston, McClean and more.

They say Virginia is for Lovers…. in that case we would expect a lot of requests for couples massage Northern VA! Actually a lot of people do have the vision of two massage therapists performing side by side while the two lovebirds hold hands. We’ve seen the promotional pictures like that too! Honestly though, we generally recommend inviting just one single massage therapist to the home for a couples massage. In our view, it’s a little easier to relax without worrying about what’s going on with your loved one (or friend or family member for that matter) next to you. You should not be thinking or worrying about anything during your massage whether it’s by yourself or part of a couples massage!

That said, you’re free to request two therapists – we just may need a little more time to coordinate that.

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