How to Choose a Miami Outcall Massage Service

If I were not already in the massage business and simply looking for a good, professional Miami Outcall Massage, there’s a good chance I would be doing a lot of head scratching!

Why does one need to be extra careful when seeking that massage in Miami FL?

Mobile Massage

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Miami is a tourist mecca, full of tourist traps

Anytime you are seeking a service in a tourist area, you run the risk of overpaying for substandard quality. This applies to just about everything from tours to meals and entertainment. Massage is no different.

Many service providers that cater specifically to tourists do not hold themselves to the highest standards, because most often they only provide service to a customer one time.

So if the service is not the best (either because the therapist is mediocre or due to poor customer service), it’s really only the customer’s loss since the company is not relying on any repeat business.

It’s often a similar situation with services arranged by hotel concierges. Usually the concierge is seeking to receive the largest commission possible from the massage service, so they are not always putting the guest’s needs first.

Also, a concierge will often mark up the service significantly (unbeknownst to the guest of course).

How to avoid the problem? First, try to find a service that works extensively with the local population – not just tourists. When a company is trying hard to earn repeat business, the quality is likely to be higher.

Second, consider bypassing the concierge and doing your own research. Dealing with a company directly will help you to avoid paying marked-up prices, and will also give you a better idea of their professionalism and customer service.

Ideally the company or therapist will have professional web site that includes specific rate information published for anyone to see.

There are more Licensed Outcall Massage Therapists in Miami Dade County than virtually any other county in the entire U.S.

Where do I find the good ones?

On the one hand, it’s great to have such an abundance of Miami Outcall Massage service providers to choose from. On the other – let’s face it – graduating from Massage School is not like getting a degree from Harvard.

Most people graduate and manage to pass the exam. Not every therapist is going to be great, and in fact, many won’t even be very good at all. Yet most do find work somewhere.

The trick is to find the service that won’t just hire any therapist but makes a real effort to find the best ones with real talent and good interpersonal skills.

This ties in with the point made above, and considering using a massage service in Miami that works more with locals than tourists. Also, be sure to ask lots of questions, and specify the kind of massage you want.

Some therapists specialize in certain things (like relaxation massage) but not others (deep tissue massage). You’ll want to try to find a compatible therapist.

Confusing advertising

Have you been on Craigslist lately or looked in the free weekly paper?

Even I can’t figure out sometimes if someone is offering a legitimate and licensed therapeutic service, or is simply fronting for something of a sexual nature. Sometimes it’s quite obvious – a provocative picture or other clear suggestions of “non-therapeutic” types of activity.

Other times, people will use language that can be interpreted in different ways leaving us unsure of their intentions. Even yellow pages ads can be vague.

What to do? First, realize that by law, massage therapists are supposed to include their license number with any advertisement. If there is no license number, most of the time this means the person is not legitimate, so look out for that.

You can also verify the license number at the Florida State Department of Health’s web site. I’ve seen people using fake or expired license numbers, so look carefully.

Also, most therapists are aware of this issue, so those offering a real therapeutic service will usually go out of their way to make this abundantly clear.

In conclusion…

In a place like Miami, there is an amazing wealth of options to suit any desire. When it comes to Miami Outcall Massage, it’s no different.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a better chance of finding that perfect mobile licensed massage therapist in Miami that offers quality, value and peace of mind.