Corporate Chair Massage Scheduling Tips

Owner and Founder Dan Melmed shares some tips based on 10 years of experience about scheduling chair massage therapy services at a corporate office.

Here is the rough text from the video above:

Hi Dan Melmed from Body Well with another informal video blog here in the green room and today I want to talk a little bit about some tips for chair massage services at offices with many employees. These are situations where we are typically sending a number of massage therapists to see 20, 40, 80 – a lot of employees so when that’s the case things can get a little complicated as far as scheduling – how to schedule all the staff massages, how to keep them moving through –  so there a few things that it helps to keep in mind  booking the service and scheduling it to try to help avoid common problems.

So we will consult with you as far as how many massage therapists you’ll need, how many hours total and all that depending on what exactly you need, but a lot of companies are not exactly sure how to schedule things as far as; do you set a set schedule where you at taking a specific time or do you have a schedule so that someone is just coordinating and funneling people through when a chair massage therapist becomes available? So if it’s where you have a little bit more of a set schedule its good to have the appointment on the quarter hour in order to keep things on time – we do about four people per hour so you can potentially get a more people going through if you do the other method where it’s more loosely organized.

Planning your Corporate Chair Massage

One of the things that I would recommend if you are planning schedule a set time for each staff chair massage, you know, when it comes to a service where people are traveling to a location, especially multiple massage therapists traveling to location, there’s always a chance that something might happen as far as unexpected traffic accident or a car breakdown – or that kind of thing, so the problem with when you’re scheduling it at a specific time like that if, unfortunately, and it’s going to happen from time to time – a therapist isn’t able to get there for some reason (usually not their fault –  hopefully) and start at the specific time – if you’ve got a set schedule all lined up there’s a good chance that it could throw the whole thing off because what’s going to happen to those first, let’s say 4 people that were supposed to get their chair massage during that first hour and a therapist because of some traffic accident they don’t get there until 45 minutes after they were supposed to, so what happens then?

What I generally recommend is if you’re going to do that that’s fine – you may want to consider if it’s feasible, and again this is not something that we expect to happen often, I’m just saying this is something that can happen and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. So what you may want to do is, the first, let’s say hours’ worth of people – choose the people that are going to be the most flexible, so in case the therapist does have to get there late and they can stay late to make up the time, those people could be shifted to the back end, because you don’t have to reshuffle the whole schedule and everything gets screwed up.

I think you probably get the idea here so the basic tip I’m giving is try to pick people plus the first slot and tell them you know there’s a chance that you may be flipped to the backside if that’s a possibility those people who would – you know there are going to be around all day,  they’re not going to have meetings or whatever – so is just something to consider it’s not required but sometimes things do happen that are beyond anyone’s control and so this is just one little way that we can help reduce some of the stress that could occur in case there is something like that that comes up and we can still be able to accommodate everybody, because of course he wanted to be able to get the chance. So just one tip for today for larger corporate chair massage types of jobs which we welcome and hope that you will inquire more about those if that is something you’re looking at and thanks to all of our awesome corporate chair massage clients we’ve seen over the years for sticking with us.

Until next time Dan Melmed here – thanks and have a good one!