Mobile Massage Therapists in DC METRO

Kim is a talented therapist based in Northern Virginia who performs a variety of styles, including chair massage. One of her notable specialties is prenatal massage for expecting mothers.

Juan is a talented, professional-minded massage therapist with a range of skills. Born in Cuba, he also has a background as a professional musician and leader of a 14-member band that has brought “Acokan” to international audiences

Jon is quickly becoming a client favorite for mobile massage in Northern Virginia and Washington DC! Based out of Alexandria, Jon offers an excellent deep tissue massage combined with a caring and intuitive touch. He combines elements of traditional Asian bodywork including acupressure and shiatsu with western styles such as Swedish and deep tissue. He also performs chair massage.

Dennis is a Licensed Massage Therapist.  He is a graduate of Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in Falls Church Virginia.  He is a member of the ABMP Massage Association.  

Dennis is fully certified in every modality of massage that he practices including:  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Hot Stone Massage and several others.  

Dennis believes that a good massage therapist has a combination of passion, knowledge, and intuition.  He has a high degree of sensitivity toward others and continually works to expand his knowledge in order to provide his clients with the greatest level of care possible. 

“I am here to help release the pain, quiet the mind, and bring awareness.”

Dennis is a former football player, coach and has experience working with athletes. 

He intentionally creates a massage that will suit your specific needs.  His serene approach offers harmony, balance and ease to your busy life.  He encourages everyone to try massage therapy at least once, so they can decide if it’s something that can help them become healthier and a positive addition to their regular self-care.

“DeeDee” as she is known to friends and family, is a fantastic all around Massage Therapist based in Charles County Maryland, where she is also from originally. She loves the holistic aspect of the work and went straight into the field after her high school graduation. She has worked in numerous contexts, from spas to plastic surgery offices. She also performs prenatal massage, trigger point and sports massage. Her best times are weekday mornings and afternoons but you never know!

Florence is a relatively new therapist, however she has already impressed some of our clients who have been thrilled with her at home and in-room hotel table massages. She’s originally from Cameroon and also provides chair massage services throughout the DMV.

Conrad is a fine young therapist originally from Cameroon! He has very large hands which makes for a very satisfying touch. He provides great deep tissue massage, as well as myofacial, sports and some prenatal and lymphatic drainage massage. Also provides chair massage services for your office or party. Give him a try you will not be disappointed!

Maria is a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist based out of Olney. She enjoys providing Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology and chair massage. She is mostly available evenings and weekends.

Lacy is a mobile massage therapist in Alexandria Virginia. She believes people should be able to move and participate in the activities they enjoy with as little pain as possible. Through massage therapy she helps people restore movement to their bodies and understand how to help themselves as much as possible.

She got started in massage therapy in 2008 when she decided to learn how to massage horses! After a lifetime of competing and riding horses, she saw the need to help them move better and with less pain. While working on and riding horses in the southwest, she saw the muscular issues people had transfer to the horses they rode and heard the complaints of pain after a day’s riding, so she went to school to learn how to help people. While attending an Eastern medicine based massage program, she learned more about holistic ways to help heal the body, how muscular dysfunction could be cleared out, and healed her own physical issues from five years in the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Her background working on horses, huge athletes that can’t communicate, has given her work a very thorough, sports based foundation that has transferred to her work on people. Lacy incorporates aspects of Eastern medicine such as gua-sha, acupressure, tui-na, and meridian therapy with deep tissue, stretching, and myoskeletal alignment. As a Reiki level 3, she also adds an energetic aspect into her work. Each session is tailored to the desired outcome and needs of the person and evolves to get the best results possible each time.

Lacy graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing massage therapy blending Western and Eastern modalities since 2012. She is nationally certified and licensed in the state of Virignia.


Deep Tissue/Sports

Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy




Allison is a British import based in Rockville, MD. She is licensed as a massage therapist in Maryland and Washington DC. Her technique is very relaxing, yet she can also apply pressure quite effectively. She also provides lymphatic drainage and chair massage, and particularly enjoys working with the elderly.

Jessica is a veteran Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist with a variety of techniques at her disposal including prenatal, cranio-sacral and Hawaiian lomilomi massage as well as chair massage. She has a passion for dance and the arts, and combines this with a spiritual sensibility to make each massage a virtuoso performance

Shannon is an extremely talented massage therapist licensed in both Virginia and Washington DC. She performs and excellent combination swedish/deep tissue, and is also trained in prenatal massage and reflexology. She has also picked up a few techniques from her brother who is a licensed Physical Therapist!

Mark is a long time veteran massage therapist and resident of the DC region. Currently he is based in Alexandria, VA and he holds massage licenses in both DC and Virginia. He has a variety of techniques at his disposal, including prenatal massage and reflexology along with corporate chair massage. Mark has a great sense of humor and tries not to take life too seriously, but when it comes time for the table, he is all business! He is not opposed to late night appointments in case you are arriving on a late flight!

Originally from Nigeria, Esi started her bodywork career by studying reflexology for two years in South Africa. She also specializes in numerous advanced therapeutic modalities including Cranio-Sacral, Myoskeletal ALignment, Bowenwork, Spinal Reflex Therapy and more. She is also available for chair massage. She mainly works days doing mobile massage in Falls Church, Arlington and other nearby areas, but could be available mid to early evenings.

Roger is based in Northern Virginia. He is a nationally certified, Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Sports Massage Therapist. He is a graduate of Applied Kinesthetic Studies (AKS) Massage School in Herndon, Virginia in 2005. There, he learned that massage therapy was his true calling, stepping out of the field of Information Technology. Whether you are in need of basic massage to induce relaxation, suffering from office related injury patterns or maybe your body needs to unwind with a deep tissue massage from the daily stress that your body is under Roger can help. Professional athletes have also counted upon him to deliver a good sports massage to hasten their recovery time, allowing for optimal physical performance. Certification in Sports Massage has given Roger training and experience in PNF Stretching, soft tissue therapy, range of motion testing and Trigger Point Therapy. Roger’s touch is best described as heavy handed and firm, while soothing to the muscles. He is most likely to be available on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday.

Shawn is a Licensed Massage Therapist throughout the DMV, including in the District as well as Virginia and Maryland. He was first licensed in 2009. He performs many styles including Chair Massage. Shawn is very laid back and identifies with his Jamaican roots.

Leslie is a confident, entrepreneurial young woman who has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Maryland since 2012. She operates out of Prince George’s County and is a great choice for those in Fort Washington, Upper Marlboro and the surrounding areas. She is a graduate of one of the DC region’s best massage schools: Potomac Massage Training Institute. Leslie performs Deep Tissue, Swedish and Chair Massage.

Melissa is a Virginia Certified Massage Therapist available for appointments throughout Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church and Arlington. She has many years’ experience and provides Chair Massage as well.

Tammy is an excellent all around Massage Therapist available for appointments in Washington DC. She has experience in Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal Massage, Thai Massage, and is also an Esthetician.

Claudia is a wonderful soft-spoken Licensed Massage Therapist originally from Bolivia. She travels throughout Northern Virginia where she has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2011. In addition to relaxing Swedish massage and great Trigger Point Therapy, she also provides Lymphatic Drainage and Weight Loss/ Anti-Cellulite Massage and Chair Massage services. Her most available days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jessica is Washington DC Licensed Massage Therapist based out of the Maryland suburbs. She has been practicing massage therapy for over 10 years and also has years of experience in the military. She has a passion for dancing and yoga and believes that regular massage and movement is the perfect way to welcome more ease and grace into our lives in a world where high stress and sedentary work take their toll on our bodies and spirits. In addition to the standard modalities, she is experienced in Prenatal massage. She enjoys witnessing clients emerge refreshed, relaxed, and smiling at the end of a massage. “Watching the transformation process is the most rewarding!”

Terence is a Licensed Massage Therapist originally from Cameroon, and based in Montgomery County Maryland with several years of experience in health care. His athletic experience with Tennis, Soccer as well as Track and Field compelled his interest in improving the health and wellness of fellow athletes. “As an athlete I found myself trying to help my team mates improve their physical conditions during events. I believed that it would improve their performance. So In an attempt to better explore that passion and be of better service, I decided to go to school for Massage Therapy.” He has been trained and has mastered a wide array of techniques to manipulate and stretch tissue, which helps to alleviate pain and increase range of motion and enhance performance. Terence is also adept at Swedish and Hot Stone Massage which promotes relaxation. He attended NMTI in Falls Church, VA. Since his graduation has built a satisfied and dedicated group of clients. Having volunteered for several local sports teams and groups, giving back is certainly one of his priorities. People are his passion and improving their well-being is his goal. He enjoys volunteering for the DC Diplomats Handball Team and Calvery Camp Ground.