Recruiting a Miami Massage Therapist – Behind the Scenes!

Recruiting one great mobile Miami massage therapist at a time

When I started Body Well, it was always my goal to ensure that the therapists we dispatch to our in home and chair massage clients in Miami and elsewhere are of the highest quality.

In order to achieve that, we need each mobile Miami massage therapist to provide a demonstration that they can show up, on time with all the necessary equipment, perform professionally, and of course provide quality bodywork.

Often I will be the “dummy” who receives the massage, and I can offer feedback then and there. Actually, it’s not uncommon with newer therapists for this to become somewhat of a tutorial.

I can explain what is working and what isn’t, and on more than a few occasions, I’ve actually flipped the situation and had the therapist lie down on the table so I can demonstrate physically what I’m talking about, and what we’re looking for.

As we continue to grow and expand, it’s not possibly for me to receive all of the demonstrations, so I have designated surrogates to take my place. Their job is basically to observe and receive, and to complete an evaluation for me to review afterwards.

Most therapists make the grade, but from time to time someone either doesn’t have the skill level, or just don’t quite have the whole package put together that we require in order to put them to work.

We had a relatively new Miami massage therapist apply recently to offer chair massage and in home massage in Miami, and she provided this “demo” for one of my associates. Ultimately, she was not recommended.

But I am someone who believes in second chances for those people who have the humility to recognize their shortcomings, and the desire to remedy issues so they can perhaps work with us some day.

In a previous blog post “When Only the Best Mobile Massage will Do” I shared the email I sent to the therapist related to this demo massage in Miami, including some detailed feedback. (All of the personal identifying information removed).

Since then, I have received her response. It was well thought out and nicely articulated, so I thought I would share it here (lightly edited, including changing the name of the “Evaluator”), with some comments to follow:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the opportunity to “demo” for Body Well, and for the most informative feedback!

I work for myself, partially because I tend to be who I am. Admittedly, my presentation is casual, but you and Jennifer have provided me with an important wake-up call. I have a professional persona, and I am fully capable of engaging it. I have just not felt the need to do so in quite a while, and I suppose I am somewhat out of practice. Should we care to revisit the “demo”, I will bring my professional self.

I am thankful for the tactfulness of your response, and for the depth of the evaluation you shared with me. I also commend you for sticking to your standards! It is your “quest for the best” that sets Body Well apart from other agencies. Your attention to detail shows in every facet of your business. Your internal organization is apparent, and the people who work with you are wonderfully pleasant and efficient!

I get that I committed probably the two worst mistakes possible – being late and unprepared, and the draping issue. No excuse for either. Both are unacceptable. I am not sure why I did not apologize to Jennifer. I was aware that I might have exposed her, but I didn’t see so I wasn’t sure. I think I mumbled something close to an apology, but, because I wasn’t sure, I let it pass and moved on. I offer my apology, now, but better late than never doesn’t really apply.

I am also deeply concerned that some of my strokes “were not really effective at eliciting relaxation or tension release.” This tells me that I missed something very basic in my delivery. This, also is unacceptable. I have some things going on tying me up at the moment, but sooner than later I will be free to invest in my education, again. I would love to schedule an appointment with Jennifer (if she is willing). I need to understand where I went wrong and how to fix it. What would you charge me? I would be happy to meet at her home so she doesn’t have to travel.
I wanted to fully integrate your reply before I responded. Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes for a wonderful day.

I was very impressed by this response! We all have ways that we can improve, and doing so as a professional – especially as someone who is new to a profession – that is a great attitude and one that should lead down a productive path.

Should she come back and demo again, it won’t be the first time a Miami massage therapist has taken me up on the offer (although it is rare). I hope she does.

Thanks for reading.

Dan Melmed, LMT