Body Well vs Soothe vs Zeel Massage Apps

One thing that makes Body Well different (compared to Soothe and Zeel apps) is that we are massage therapists, owned and operated.

I’m a licensed massage therapist since 2002. I bring that knowledge of massage therapy, that passion for massage therapy, which goes back a very long way for me personally. I try to infuse that into everything that we do at Body Well.

Mobile Massage

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The reason I started this company originally was not as a way to just generate money.

Like, you know, some companies might be out there and they have a clever idea and they think, oh, we can, we can deliver massage services with this app and we’re going to make millions of dollars, we’ll get investors, etc. We were very different!

I started this company all by myself and built it from the ground up, trying to keep these values in place that I have, my passion for massage and healing and kind of trickle up and out through our whole network of therapists and the staff. So there’s what I like to call “a soul” to this company.

We’re not a soulless heartless company just out there for profits. We actually care a lot about all of our customers and really try to do the best possible job and provide the highest level of service in every regard that we can.

-Dan Melmed