Massage Therapist Staffing

In addition to our standard in-home, office and hotel massage services, Body Well has the ability to provide massage therapist staffing services for certain types of facilities.

These may include residential massage facilities such as those in clubhouses or massage rooms as well as corporate on-site massage facilities and more.

In the past we used to also provide temporary massage therapist staffing services and full time placement for chiropractic and physician offices, however the current availability of these services is limited.

Also bear in mind that in most cases a massage establishment license may be required before our therapists can provide services in a facility (particularly in Florida. Many other states do not require a specific ME license).

Many people unknowingly operate unlicensed massage establishments (according to the Department of Health’s definitions) which is illegal and subject to penalties for both the property owner and the therapist.

You can find information about this type of licensing at the Department of Health or Board of Massage websites.

For more information please feel free to call us any time at (954) 496-2503.